"Our democratic members of Congress have been good to us. Now it's time for all of us to support them wholeheartedly. Won't you give back generously?"

Many of us have benefited from government initiatives that improve the quality of our lives. A large number of us have obtained green cards, earned citizenship, received Medicare or Medicaid, collected Social Security, and received financial assistance for college. We understand that working families rely on these programs and how critical it is to have our elected officials support them.

The democratic members of Congress have been good to us. Many of us are enjoying a comfortable life because of their policies. Now it is time for all of us to support them wholeheartedly. Won't you give back generously?

We are pleased to introduce to you National Democrats for Working Families (NDWF), a Federal Political Action Committee, that aims to make your voice heard in national policy making. Our main goal is to support the members of Congress who care about the same issues we do. We want to work tirelessly to elect democratic candidates to the United States Senate and House of Representatives who support legislation that improves the quality of life of America's working families.

We strongly believe that we have the best chance of improving the life of every American regardless of race or ethnicity once we work as a team with members of Congress. Our e-newsletter provides information on what is happening in Congress and also covers a variety of topics relating to health care, education, employment, nutrition, youth programs, immigration service, Social Security, family life, and small business development, just to name a few.

We would appreciate if you and your friends, neighbors, family members, and colleagues sign up for our e-newsletter on this site. With your assistance, we will reach out to people in every state in our country thereby expanding this nationwide grassroots online network of loyal and dedicated DEMOCRATS. We can and we will influence the outcome of federal, state and local elections.

Thank you so much for visiting our website to learn more about NDWF.



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